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As Network Solutions we won’t take any responsibility on damage happens to any device or equipment while we are performing remotely tech support, we won’t be able to refund any money back when we performed job either remotely or onsite and we were not able solve the issue due to different reasons, for any complaining regarding our services provided please contact us at


We guarantee that our service performed either remotely or onsite can be successfully done in the best manner, right way and also the job will be done in the cleanest way possible as Network Solutions we focus in every single job no matter if is small, medium or bigger job, if for some reason such are equipment need and is not onsite, or service required and is not installed yet, we are not able to finish the task that we were hired for.
Network Solution will have techs, engineers working remotely along with our technicians that are onsite to guarantee that the jobs performed on client site will be done successfully and make our clients happy, we also love to work along with the client to make every client day to day to be productive so to make that happen we can consulting each client to improve their technology needs and we can cork along with every client budget.

Time frame:

We offer quick answer that we can schedule visit to client between one business day or a week this is all about onsite tech support, troubleshoot, guaranty visit, remotely tech support we offer a quick answer that can be 5 minutes up to an hour to get a hold with technician that can remote into your device and start to provide the support needed.

Installations (security cameras, audio systems, voice and data cabling, network equipment upgrade or replacement) can be schedule at least with one week of advice unless is emergency installation or replacement in all of the emergency related cases contact us at


We are proud to say that we can cover the entire USA with remote tech support; we also do installations out of the state but for all these cases please contact

Privacy information:

Any personal information taken to make and process payments made through our website is protected and encrypted to protect final user and also protect Network Solution information and rights, all the personal information collected won’t be share to any third party entity.


We accept most of credit cars, also paypal payments